Final Reminder: Annual Geeks Guild Quiz

Good Evening Guildies!
This is a final call/reminder/update/thing about our ANNUAL GEEK’S GUILD QUIZ this coming Monday!!! 😃
We’re asking that people please, please, please RSVP somehow. We have a MeetUp event AND a Facebook event.
If you’re not happy/comfortable doing either of those for whatever reason, then feel free to just straight up message me.
We’re expecting ~30+ folks, so priority will be given to those that HAVE RSVP’d in the event that we are over capacity.
For the Quizzing itself, we’re going to have people ‘sign in’ when you arrive, so we can organise the random groupings. If you have a special buddy that you’d very much like to be in the same team with, you can sign in as a pair.
So join us to see who will take new ownership of the fabled “Baby Groot of Great Quizness” that everyone totally remembers exists!

Donations Update

Well Done Guildren! With everyone’s generous donations we’ve raised $1100 so far. That gets us over the line for our 3rd complete set of table and chairs.

We are still accepting donations, so if you haven’t donated yet, and want to, you still can.

The table and chair sets will spend most of their time at Riverbend Road so they are available for Monday Night Games, but they will be available to borrow for all paid members of the Geek Guild Association